Monday, October 13, 2008

Past Few Weeks

Well we have been busy the past few weeks with a lot of visits with family to going many new exciting places. Aunt Andrea and Uncle Matt visited us this past week. It was great to see them and to celebrate with Andrea at her baby shower. She is expecting a little boy, Evan Jacob, in February. (sounds familiar, all three of my boys were born in February) It was great to see many friends at the shower. Who could believe that the Block girls would be having all boys (so far).
Eli and Aunt Andrea

Eli and the boys have all been very busy little bees. We have visited both sets of Grandparents a few times over the past few months. While in Champaign we enjoyed trips to Curtis Apple Orchard where Eli got to feed goats, go through opstacle courses, ride on ponies, etc. It was a very exciting day for him. The boys enjoyed watching. The boys are getting into everything and wrestling over who gets to do what. With Andrea we went to the Children's Museum and had a great time. The boys enjoyed Babyscape. I am attaching pictures from a few of our activities over the past month. We really do keep very busy and I enjoy seeing all that the boys can do.

The boys in Champaign enjoying the beginning of Fall!!

Caleb trying on Grandpa's hard hat.

Andrew and Caleb in Babyscape. Enjoying the time to crawl around after being stuck in the stroller.

Eli riding a pony at Curtis.

The boys wrestling over anything!!

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