Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It has been a very busy seven months of our lives. It has become apparent that it is too difficult to email out pictures, call, write, etc. to everyone that we want to. So we decided to create a blog to help keep everyone updated on our everyday life and to see pictures of the boys. We are very fortunate that our family is very healthy and happy. The twins have just turned seven months and Eli is now 2 1/2. It is hard to believe how fast time goes.

Eli has just been potty trained which was very exciting. We still have a few accidents here and there but it is going well. He is learning every day. It is amazing how fast they grow up. It is such a joy to watch him!!

The twins are all over the place. They began crawling and pulling themselves up onto everything so we have had a lot of bumps and bruises. Wherever one is the other has to be, even if it takes tackling the other. Eli does a great job of keeping them entertained and making them happy. At their six month check up they were both 17 lbs 3 oz. Andrew was 26 1/2 in and Caleb was 27 in. We are so happy that they are healthy twin boys. I am going to attach a few recent pictures of the boys and then a few of when the twins were born.

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Julie said...

Hi Gretchen! Love your blog! We started one too, I added u to our list. We are mandmmoorehead.blogspot.com
Keep it up! It's so much fun to look at these blogs!