Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zoo Boo!!

The boys got to enjoy Zoo Boo this year. On Saturday we took the boys to the zoo after naps. It was a great time. They got to wear their costumes, get candy, see a lot of halloween decorations, and see all the animals. The twins enjoyed watching everyone around them. I think Eli enjoyed seeing all the costumes the other kids were wearing. Eli is a very terrifying bat and the boys are pumpkins. They were definitly a hit at the zoo.

We have also been enjoying some time outdoors. Before it gets too cold we have been playing outside as much as possible. The boys just enjoy crawling around in the grass going after what Eli is playing with. Right now Eli is a big fan of playing in the leaves, soccer, and golf (as always). the boys have been getting into a lot of things. The most recent discovery was Jack's water bowl. Andrew was completely submerged splashing around one day. Everyone is doing great. Attached are some pictures of the past week.
The boys chasing after Jack, this happens quit often.

Eli's tape measurer, one of our favorite toys. It follows us everywhere.

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