Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Week of Giving Thanks and the Flu

It was a full week for sure!! Before Thanksgiving both Andrew and Eli came down with a 24 hour bug. Let me tell you how much fun that was. Josh and I were up all night with children getting sick and cleaning up after them. It was an experience that I do not hope to relive in the future. Thanks to my children I then got the bug on Thanksgiving. I then passed it on to Grandpa McIntyre. Thankfully we were in Marion so we stayed there so that Pam could help out with the kids while Josh went to work on the following Friday.

Even though I was sick we still had a very nice Thanksgiving. It was great to see family, some that we have not seen in too long. We spent Thanksgiving in Marion and then on Saturday we met the Block side of the family at the Beef House. It was great to see Andrea and Matt, she is now only two months away from having the baby. We are so blessed to have such a great family. By far that is what we are most thankful for this year. Our families have been so generous in helping us out with our growing family. It was definitely a hectic year and without them I do not think we would have survived. In saying that we thank our friends and family in supporting us through this year. In looking around at the boys I see three very happy, healthy young men and this is in part due to all that you have done. We are of course also thankful for our three sons. So it was a good week, with some harry days in between. Attached are some pictures from the week, have a great one!

Eli giving Great Grandpa Dixon pounds at Thanksgiving.
The boys playing Grandma and Grandpa McIntyre a tune.

Taking a look at the first snow of the season.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Weekend Away

Well after 8 months of non-stop children we had our first weekend away from them. Eli went to Grandma and Grandpa McIntyre's and the twins went to Grandma and Grandpa Blocks. We are so thankful that our grandparents are able and willing to help out. We have spent all weekend cleaning the house, garage, outside, and spending some time alone. It has been very nice but the boys were greatly missed. It is amazing how three boys can bring such joy to a house.

The past week was a good one. The twins passed their breathing tests. We no longer have to do them as long as they are not sick. But in the same day our dog Jack became very sick. We had to rush him to the vet. Luckily Sarah had the day off and stayed with the twins while Eli and I went to the vet. So in one day Eli and I had been to the doctors with the twins and then to the vet. Jack had the flu. He was dehydrated and was put on meds. He is still not back to full recovery but is doing better. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving with our family in Marion. Attached are some pictures through out the week.
I finally caught Andrew on camera climbing on top of the train table. He does this very often. It was one thing that we moved out of their play area this weekend.

Eli riding his bike around Grandma and Grandpa's basement this weekend.

Caleb climbing on to his toy. He is currently enjoying standing on his own. This seems to be all he enjoys doing. He has stood on his own for a few minutes at a time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It Feels Like Winter

Well we had a full week inside the house. Thanks to the breathing treatments we are really limited on what we can do. We still had a good week of going to the library, Kohl's, and Walmart. The boys are all very active these days. One day I was in the kitchen making something and I walked out into our play area and I found Andrew on top of Eli's train table. Let me tell you this was a big wake up call for all they can get into now. He has now continued to do it a few times despite different blockades. So it is going to have to be moved. Andrew seems to be the one that can get into anything. He is always, some how, able to break free of the play area. Luckily Eli is my alarm system. Caleb is now standing up on his own for a good minute or so. He is so pleased with himself when he does this. It is amazing how fast they grow. We are going to the doctor tomorrow to find out how the boys are doing and how much longer we need to continue with the breathing treatments. Once we went down to two a day, yesterday, things have been a lot easier.

We did have a fun visit with the Banks'. Eli and Noah enjoyed playing around. The twins even are getting in the mix of playing around now. It was a great visit for the kids and parents. Attached are some pictures of the week.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last Few Days of Fall

Well we had a great week enjoying the awesome weather. We were outside Monday through Thursday non stop. The boys walked with me to the Fire Station to vote. They were the hit of the crowd. Luckily we had no wait. They also loved the leaves. Eli would run through them a thousand times. The twins would crinkle up as many as they could. Of course they tried putting them in their mouths but after a few times of trying it we were done with that. They were content for so long just playing with leaves. It was such a great time. We also were able to go to the park in our neighborhood a few times. We all enjoyed our time so much!!

Andrew playing in the leaves. He is always crawling off on his own!!

Then Friday hit and all the cold temperatures came. It became apparent how difficult the winter months are going to be stuck indoors. We all became a little stir crazy. The picture below is of the twins playing in and on Eli's workbench. It was very entertaining.

Earlier in the week I had finally decided to take the twins to the doctor because they were not getting over their colds. We were told to put the boys on breathing treatments four times a day until they get better and then work our way down to two times a day. Well it has been a week almost and we are still doing it four times a day. They just can not kick whatever it is they have. We are going back to the doctor in one week and he will reevaluate what we need to do. So needless to say my days are very busy with eating, breathing treatments, and diaper changes. Eli however is in perfect health and is completely out of diapers except for at bedtime. We are making it through naps now for the past few weeks dry. We are hoping for the boys to turn around soon.

We hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Well the boys had an amazing week leading up to Halloween. We spent the week indoors due to the first full week of cold weather. We enjoyed visits to the public library, we went to toddler time. It was a great time for all the boys. The babies were able to crawl around and play with toys and Eli sang, dance, and listened to stories. We then went to the Children's Museum where we did more of the same. We also had to prepare for the big day by carving pumpkins. Eli did a great job with them, he really became hands on this year!!

We then had our trick-or-treating. Eli and the boys loved it. On Friday the weather became amazing, in the 60's and 70's. So we enjoyed the day outside and then got to go gather our candy. Grandma Block came over to help out with the festivities. Eli did great walking all over and the boys tagged along, by the end Caleb was passed out. It was a great time.

We are really enjoying the weather while we can. I realized how crazy I am going to go when it is cold all the time. I really have to get out of the house or I go insane. We hope everyone had a happy Halloween and we will post later.