Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Well the boys had an amazing week leading up to Halloween. We spent the week indoors due to the first full week of cold weather. We enjoyed visits to the public library, we went to toddler time. It was a great time for all the boys. The babies were able to crawl around and play with toys and Eli sang, dance, and listened to stories. We then went to the Children's Museum where we did more of the same. We also had to prepare for the big day by carving pumpkins. Eli did a great job with them, he really became hands on this year!!

We then had our trick-or-treating. Eli and the boys loved it. On Friday the weather became amazing, in the 60's and 70's. So we enjoyed the day outside and then got to go gather our candy. Grandma Block came over to help out with the festivities. Eli did great walking all over and the boys tagged along, by the end Caleb was passed out. It was a great time.

We are really enjoying the weather while we can. I realized how crazy I am going to go when it is cold all the time. I really have to get out of the house or I go insane. We hope everyone had a happy Halloween and we will post later.

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