Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last Few Days of Fall

Well we had a great week enjoying the awesome weather. We were outside Monday through Thursday non stop. The boys walked with me to the Fire Station to vote. They were the hit of the crowd. Luckily we had no wait. They also loved the leaves. Eli would run through them a thousand times. The twins would crinkle up as many as they could. Of course they tried putting them in their mouths but after a few times of trying it we were done with that. They were content for so long just playing with leaves. It was such a great time. We also were able to go to the park in our neighborhood a few times. We all enjoyed our time so much!!

Andrew playing in the leaves. He is always crawling off on his own!!

Then Friday hit and all the cold temperatures came. It became apparent how difficult the winter months are going to be stuck indoors. We all became a little stir crazy. The picture below is of the twins playing in and on Eli's workbench. It was very entertaining.

Earlier in the week I had finally decided to take the twins to the doctor because they were not getting over their colds. We were told to put the boys on breathing treatments four times a day until they get better and then work our way down to two times a day. Well it has been a week almost and we are still doing it four times a day. They just can not kick whatever it is they have. We are going back to the doctor in one week and he will reevaluate what we need to do. So needless to say my days are very busy with eating, breathing treatments, and diaper changes. Eli however is in perfect health and is completely out of diapers except for at bedtime. We are making it through naps now for the past few weeks dry. We are hoping for the boys to turn around soon.

We hope everyone has a great week.

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