Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family Time!!

It was a week with great sorrow. On Monday my grandfather, Frank Block, passed away at the age of 89. We were sad to see him go but also relieved to know that he is in a much better place with Grandma Block and Erin. We went to Michigan this weekend for the memorial service. It was nice to get to see so many family members who we had not seen in way too long. The boys of course were a hit. Eli had a little bit of a sugar high so he was off his rocker for some of it. They enjoyed playing music at Aunt Barb's and playing with our cousins Mandy and Casey. We also got to spend a lot of time with Aunt Andrea (who is looking great as her big due date approaches), and my Mom and Dad. The memorial service was very nice and we had a lot of time to catch up with family members and celebrate my Grandfathers' life. It was amazing all I learned in a day about my Grandpa that I did not know before. He led an amazing life! Attached are some pictures from the weekend and a video of the boys playing some tunes.

Before going to Michigan we had a good week in Indy. The boys enjoyed some play time outside in the snow. Now I need to clarify, Eli enjoyed it. The twins liked the snow but had major issues with mobility. They were pretty much stuck in the shape of a cross and could not even sit up. Caleb has begun his adventures in walking. He is taking steps here and there on his own. The farthest I have seen so far is 5 steps in a row before he gives up and goes for crawling. Andrew is not far off, he is just walking along everything.

We hope everyone is doing great and have an enjoyable week ahead of them.

Taking a little dip in the hotel in Michigan. All the boys did well. Caleb was definitely our swimmer of the group.
The boys at bath time. It is always a little hectic, but they all love it.
Trying to sled in the snow. The twins were a little unsure.

Below is the tape of our three little musicians. They love all of the instruments that are at Aunt Barb's house.


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Aunt barb said...

Loved the whole blog. Great way to stay in touch with everyone. The snow at the top of our driveway is 5 feet tall and more snow coming tomorrow. We're going up to see Mandy tomorrow since she is working Xmas. It was great seeing everyone even on such a sad occassion.Happy holidays (hectic I am sure) and we miss you.Love Aunt barb and gary-no cards from us this year either!!