Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We hope that everyone had a great holiday with their family and friends. Ours was a great time but it felt like we were in the middle of a tornado. So much to do so little time and throw in presents and it gets crazy. The boys loved it of course and enjoyed all the spoiling. They were definitly acting like it by the end of the weekend. They wanted constant attention from someone! They got amazing presents from Santa. Eli even heard his bells at night, "that is the real santa, I can not get out of bed"! We left a note and cookies, carrots, and chocolate milk. for some reason Eli wanted him to have Chocolate milk. The boys got a lot of great gifts. Some of the favorites are a Kitchen, a rocket launcher (thanks Aunt Andrea!), fire truck and dump trucks, trampoline, and we could go on and on. Grandparents are way too good to us. We enjoyed catching up with family and seeing everyone. Attached are pictures through out Christmas.

Eli on Christmas eve preparing for Santa.
The boys reading a child's christmas story.

Cousin Evan hoping his father keeps the snow blocked.

Yes that is the twins somewhere in there. They were definitly unsure of what was going on, it was right after nap. Eli loved the snow and could have stayed out there all night.

Eli's own personal reindeer, Grandpa Block, pulling him down the driveway.

The boys opening gift with the Block side.

Andrew showing off one of his father's present from santa.

Eli jumping away on his trampoline.

The twins working with one of their favorite toys at Grandmas, the baby.

The boys on Christmas eve.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus....

Well we made it to Christmas at the Zoo and had a great time. It really is a great set up. We went and checked out all the indoor animals while we waited for Dad to get off work. We also met our friends the Banks there. Then we went to see Santa, where there was no line!! Eli ran right up there and sat and told him what he wanted for Christmas. We went up with the twins and they were not too interested. Caleb really didn't care about him. He would give him high fives but we didn't try to put him on his lap. Andrew gave Santa his devil stare. I will have to try to get a picture of it, we see it quite often. And walked a safe distance around him in a semi-circle. No screaming though so that was good. When Eli was the twins age he screamed the whole time and wouldn't even walk up to him. They got their candy canes and then we went and checked out a couple of reindeer. It was a nice evening and painless. Eli loved it and has been talking about Santa ever since. They are very excited. I am just glad to be on break and able to enjoy a few days with the boys before complete chaos. Merry Christmas to everyone!

The twins loved the sea lions and would clap every time one passed by.
Here is Eli talking to Santa. Not shy at all. He was ready with his list of demands.

The picture that we had taken, the boys wouldn't let mom and dad leave.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas is coming!!

Well our household is very excited for Christmas. All we talk about is the tree, how many days are left, what will we say to santa, etc.,etc.,etc. It has calmed down quite a bit here. The boys for some reason now are staying in their beds again!! YEah, who knows maybe they figured out is more comfortable to stay in there then sleep on the floor! It has made our evenings a lot more calmer. The weather has not been great so we have spent a lot of time inside. But we make do by making car ramps, crashing cars, and dancing to christmas music.

The twins are doing great. It is amazing how big they look and how much they are talking. Caleb is definitly a happy go lucky kid. He does have his moments but they do not last long. He is always laughing and wanting to figure things out. This is sort of a change, this used to always be Andrew. He seems to do ok playing by himself or with his brothers but it seems he does like a little of alone time.

Andrew is definitly the more fiesty one at this moment. (It does seem to have a cycle). But he is getting a lot better about calming down quicker and he has quickly realized that he does not want time outs. He loves Eli and always wants to be next to him and playing with him. Our sitter says the twins do everything that Eli does and do not want to be left out of anything. Poor Eli!

Eli is doing great. Just the other day he was able to count all the way to 20, after I told him 20, 30 and so on he could go through it on his own. Pretty amazing how fast they learn. He is recognizing letters and can write his name, if he is in the mood!! That little brain is always working. He is looking forward to his fourth birthday party with his cousin!! All he talks about is having it seperate from his brothers. He even asked if they have to come. Guess he does need his breaks from them.

Besides that we are just getting ready for the holidays. We will have more posts about that as it approaches. Attached are pictures from the past few weeks.

Andrew sliding down the mat on our stairs after his monster trucks, he could have done this all day.
Eli of course started this!

The boys sending their trucks down.

All the boys enjoying some cuddle time.

Pretending to go night, night on the stairs. I know we shouldn't play on the stairs it just has provided some entertainment recently. Don't worry I have been right there.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

From our family to everyone out there we hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving blessed with family and friends. We had a great time in Champaign visiting my parents and seeing my sister and her family. We did however find out that my parents house is a little too small for the family gatherings. We were stuffed in there like sardines so that many of us could not sleep due to little ones being able to see or hear us. We were all a little tired afterwords but we survived. Now the twins were up to their usual shenanigans (no idea on spelling). The first night there I thought I had kid proofed my parents room where the boys were sleeping, well I did not think about the bath tub in the bathroom attached to the room. Well we heard a thump, no big shocker since the boys can get out of pack n plays, cribs, cribs where the mattress has been dropped to the floor, etc. (they are escape artists)! Well my dad goes back to check and I hear a yell with my brother in law running out to tell us that Caleb was in the bath and Andrew was running the water fully dressed in pajamas. Andrew knew he was in trouble because he was trying to get back into the pack n play and Caleb was confused to why we were a little upset. Needless to say that was the last time that we let them fall asleep on their own.

Their jumping out of their cribs has made for a long past few weeks. I have come to realize how much I rely upon our schedule as do the boys. We are going to try a few more days in the cribs and then it is going to be big boy bed time. Below is a picture of where we found Andrew one night after his night out of the crib. There are also pictures from us in Champaign as well as at our friends birthday party. Once again Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! All I can say is that I am thankful for three healthy energetic boys that keep us on our toes at all time. I can also not get away without thanking our families for all the support that they have given to us over the years since welcoming our boys into the world. Without you who knows where we would be. We love you and are so grateful to you.

The boys enjoying some basketball outside, yes those are socks on their hands. I did not pack that well this trip.
Andrew and Caleb helping Dad decorate for Christmas.

The three amazing rockers at Grandma and Grandpas, they loved this.

Grandma entertaining the gang with a book. They were all ears.

Andrew taking good care of his cousin Evan. The boys loved playing with him over the holiday.

Try as I might I could not flip this picture. This is how the twins react when I hold another baby, that is Ben Certain. They wanted to help out a little.

Andrew after a hard night of partying outside of the crib. Yes we had to take everything else out of the room because previously that day during nap time he trashed the joint. He is always the main escapee.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A long few weeks!!

Well we have dealt with some form of a flu over the past few weeks. Eli and Andrew, Caleb somehow escaped it, both had fevers and sickness for three to four days. We survived it all, but let me tell you dealing with two cranky boys all day really did me in. After the sickness the boys really have become a lot more happy. I do not have as much fussing and crying that I seemed to have before. The twins are really starting to comprehend sharing even if they do not like it. Andrew definitly is the one more defiant. Caleb just goes with the flow. they both mastered climbing out of their cribs but Andrew is the only one who consistently does it and just stands at the door and screams bloody murder, that is after he has put all of their books into Caleb's crib. I will walk in there and Caleb is just sitting amongst twenty books grinning while Andrew is out just screaming. They are speaking in short fragments and really playing together (or wrestling depends on what you want to call it).

Eli has been a little bit more of a struggle recently. He does not want to share with brothers and he does not want to listen to me. We have had a few ugly meltdowns whenever brothers want to play with what he has, even if it is 30 cars he can not share one. It is definitly a very interesting time in the McIntyre house hold.

We did make a massive chalk board for the boys so there is enough space we do not have pushing. Josh and I also enjoye a night out at the amazing Colts game!! We were a little out of control!! Working the next was a challenge with four hours of sleep but it was well worth it. Thanks Grandma Pam for watching the boys. Attached are a few pictures over the past few weeks. Have a great week!

The boys enjoying their first time drawing on the chalk board.
One of our favorite past times, running without our shirts on.

This is the starting line for our running which happens daily.

Everyone helping Dad make the chalk board.

The twins just getting up in the morning and enjoying their cup of milk.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Well what a busy and exciting week for the boys. After the last blog last week we went to the Children's museum. The boys had a blast and were all over the place. It wasn't too crowded so the boys could run around and be wild. This was the first time that I saw the twins doing a lot of things they have not done before. Being brave and going up the slides in the science works area. Trying to build boats (very unsuccessful, but they tried). It was a good day. Then this week was filled with running errands and a visit from our friends from Valpo, Matt and Lindsey Rochner and their little boy Wyatt. Wyatt was born a few weeks after the twins. It was a little crazy when they were here. All the boys were having fun playing with toys and running around screaming. The noise volume was definitely higher then most nights. Oh we did also have a sick little one through out the week. Who knows what it was but Andrew had a fever and it ended with a rash. He really was never that unhappy but it was a little bothersome not knowing what it was.

Then the big day came, Halloween!! We spent Friday carving our last two pumpkins and getting ready for the big day. We then had Monicals, for those that do not know the best pizza ever, before going out on the town. The boys were very excited even though the twins had no clue what was going on. Eli did amazing. He normally is pretty shy but he was not that night. He was running ahead to every house ready to say Trick or Treat and Thanks. The twins were a little more apprehensive. Andrew kept on taking his candy out of his pumpkin and putting it into the persons bucket. He finally got the hang of it later in the evening. Caleb was more of the one to hang out by mom and wait to get his candy. There were a few houses with scary music and people in costumes that he backed away from screaming. Needless to say it was a great night. The pictures below are in random order but they are from the last week. Every one have a great week!

This is from the end of the night, after all the candy had been checked, and we were deciding what we could eat. Mom looks a little raggedy!
Thing 2 (Caleb), Thing 1 (Andrew), and Cat in the Hat (Eli)

The twins excited with their loot and ready to head to the next house!

The boys with the pumpkins after they were carved.

Getting ready to head out at the beginning of the night!

Carving pumpkins. They were more hands on with this pumpkin.

The boys all hanging out: Eli, Andrew, Caleb, and Wyatt Rochner (all the way from Texas)

Caleb and Eli getting ready to dig at the Children's Museum. Andrew was not cooperating.

Taking a ride in the race car

The boys getting ready to go around on the Merry Go Round

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Zoo Boo and more....

Oh Fall Break!!! It was a great long weekend. It was my fall break so I had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. I got to have a lot of fun with the boys. It made me sad thinking of all the fun things we did last year. We went to a bounce house place on my own (never again!!). The twins wanted to go wherever Eli did and he is doing things way too big for them so I had the joy of either making them real mad or carrying both of them up. Needless to say I was very sweaty!! We enjoyed a couple of parks. We got to meet our friends Shannon and her boys Conner and Ben at one on a beautiful day. Conner got to experience the twins and their moodiness!! It was great to get outside and play though.

We then went to Zoo Boo with Grandma McIntyre. Eli is Cat in the Hat and the twins are Thing 1 and Thing 2. We were the hit of the zoo. It was hysterical how many people made comments about the boys. They did look very cute though. Andrew decided to really live up to his costume. He was running around like a mad man. The weather actually turned out perfect and there was not too big of crowd so they could run around. At one time he tried climbing into the shark pool he was sooooo excited. It really got them all excited for halloween and candy. Let me tell you the twins are loving the candy. We are really going to have the watch them.

We then went to our friend's house, Andy, to carve pumpkins. This is the twins first time carving. They liked touching it but after five minutes I found myself alone carving.

It was a great fall break and I really enjoyed spending time with the boys as they are getting so much bigger!! I can not wait for halloween, we will have many more pictures next week. Below are a few from this week.

Andrew was my faithful helper who stayed by myside, even if it meant putting all the stuff I had scooped out back in!!
Dr. Seus' characters watching the rhinos.

The three practicing trick or treating!!

Eli and Caleb ( I think, it was really hard to tell them apart in the costumes) at the shark pool trying to pet the sharks.

The three of them getting ready to head into the zoo. Caleb was thing 2 and Andrew thing 1 and we all know who is cat in the hat.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Fun

Our cousin McKenzie came to visit with her mom and dad this weekend. We have enjoyed a lot of play time together. We also visited an orchard where we went on a hay ride to pick out pumpkins. We also got to jump in jump houses, pick out apples, get balloon spiders made, and enjoy kettle corn. We had a great time with the McIntyre side, Grandma and Grandpa also visited. Eli just enjoyed having someone to play with besides his brothers bothering him. The twins also enjoyed have Kenzie help them with things. She seemed a lot more willing to help and play with them then Eli.

The twins have been doing much better recently. Not as much temper tantrums, they seem to be passed the pain with their teeth for now as well. Eli continues to become a big boy. He went to his first birthday party where we did not stay with him. It was one of his friends from day care. It felt weird just dropping him off and picking him up later.

Attached are pictures from the weekend with the Mussers and Grandma and Grandpa McIntyre.

Everyone getting scrubbed clean after a hard day of playing.

Caleb with his baloon spider. He was enthralled with the guy who was making the balloons.

Caleb helping to pick out pumpkins.

Kenzie, Eli, and Uncle Kyle on the hayride.

Andrew and Mom on the hayride.