Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well it was our first of many, I believe, Monster Jam. Eli, Josh, and I went to Monster Jam last night at Lucas Oil Stadium for Eli's upcoming birthday. Let me tell you it was an experience. We got pit passes for before the show and got to walk down on the course and see all the trucks and drivers. We even go to see his favorite, Gravedigger and Maximum Destruction. He was the happiest little guy. He had his little trucks that he brought with him and was driving them down on the dirt. We then had the show which included demolition derby, motorcycle tricks, and of course the Monster Truck both racing and freestyle. It was crazy loud, the trucks did not bother Eli the fireworks are another story. It started with all the theatrics and Eli was ready to run out the door. He was screaming that he wanted to go home, everyone around us were staring. After the fireworks were over though he enjoyed the whole show. He was so excited and could not stop talking about any of it. It was very enjoyable and he is already talking about seeing them again. Those of you with little boys I am sure you soon will be heading down the same path!! Attached are some pictures from our evening.

The twins were lucky enough to stay home with Grandma McIntyre. They had a blast. Considering that it turned out that they both had an ear infection, Andrew a double one. Andrew also was put back onto breathing treatments four times a day. It has kept everyone busy but they are acting much more comfortable and happy. Andrew is also walking a lot more! I still have not caught any on tape, yes I am getting pretty lazy about things, sorry boys! He will walk long distances and then decide that he wants to crawl. They are also getting pretty feisty with each other. If one wants what the other has they will hit, scratch, lay on, etc the other. It is pretty funny if it weren't for the other one screaming bloody murder. They are getting so big, just think one more month and they will be a year old!! Crazy how time flies.

We hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold Season!!

Well it was another week back to work. We are definitely starting to get used to our schedule. The boys are doing great at the sitter and are doing much better at home. However on Friday the twins came home with bad colds. They are horribly congested and I am worried it is just going to lead us into ear infections. We will see. Luckily I am off tomorrow so we can take them into the doctor if need be. Everyone is doing well besides that. Eli seems to be enjoying being back with all of his friends. He is really starting to learn his letters. He is recognizing them as he reads now. It is amazing how old he seems now. It is also sad that we are almost to his third birthday! The twins both have four teeth now. Caleb is a walking fool and Andrew takes a few steps here and there. He is still more interested in climbing things. I found him on the couch the other day so that was real exciting. Jeanette, their sitter, every day has a new story of where he has been. He must be the adventurer. However he is also the one that lets you know when he is sick. Caleb does let being sick stop him, Andrew is a hot miss if he is sick. All he wants is to be held and cuddled. If he is not then he is throwing a tantrum. It is funny to see the differences. Besides that not much new. We have had a good weekend so far. We ran errands yesterday and ended at Lafayette Square, yes for those that know the area, we wanted to check out the arcade area they have. They had a great area for little ones to play in. Attached are pictures from the children's museum last week and them playing in the play area. We hope everyone has a good week and stays warm!

Andrew and Eli playing on the airplane in the Children's play area.

Caleb with a bowl on his head. He loves putting things on his head, this is one of his favorites.

Eli playing out in the snow on Wednesday. Yes it was cold, he was only out there for a few minutes but he was just dying to go out.
Andrew and Caleb (and friend) playing in the toddler area at the museum

What the boys looked like after the museum in the rear view mirror. They were exhausted.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to Work!!

What a busy week it was for us. I returned to work after a long 10 months off. After being back a week it feels that it was not long enough. It is going to take everyone a few weeks of getting used to the schedule but we will get there. The boys did great at the sitters. She said they had no problems adjusting. However every night when we got home they would scream bloody murder if I left the room. So I was not able to get much done through out the evening. That is the one thing I have not figured out yet. When to get all the house work done. I was so excited to be home with the boys this weekend that our house became an even bigger pit! Oh well we will get there eventually.

We did have a great weekend though. We spent Saturday running errands and then went to our friend's house in the evening. We went to visit Megan and Benji and there little boys. A few other friends came over. We enjoyed an evening of hanging out and playing. Yes, I was ready for bed before the boys I think. Then on Sunday we went to the Children's Museum for the morning. It was great all the boys had so much fun climbing and running around. I will have to get pictures of that up next week because I have not down loaded it. We hope that everyone had a great week after the holidays. Below are pictures from the week.

Daddy working out with the boys. He is building up some big muscles.

The boys enjoying Noah's Christmas present. Connor wanted to join in the fun.

Noah helping to feed the twins.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well what an eventful year 2008 was. It brought us the twins and Eli has turned into such an amazing little boy. We are looking forward to what 2009 will bring us. However I am saddened to say that my time as a stay at home mom has come to an end. Beginning tomorrow I will be back to work in the classroom. Josh will have his hands full in the morning. I leave before the boys get up so I can not wait to hear how it goes. Their clothes are all set out the bottles will be pre-made by me. I dropped off a box, yes a box, of stuff for the sitter today. It is a little overwhelming to think of everything. Things keep on popping into my head. It is sad but I know that it will benefit all of us. Just think only five months until summer break.

We did have a great New Year. We just hung out with friends at home and played games. Midnight hit and we all were very excited to go to bed, how times have changed. On New Year's day we added another room to our house. That is right we put up the bounce room. All the boys love it. Andrew enjoys climbing in and out, Eli enjoys bouncing like a wild man, and Caleb enjoys chasing balls in it. It has taken a lot to get used to. I have already told Josh that it will not stay up long. He did not seem to agree but we will see who wins! It will be great to take outside though. I have attached pictures and video of the boys in it. We wish everyone a healthy and happy 2009!!

Eli playing with his new Playdoh set. He loves it.

All the kids in the ball pit. We may have been exceeding the weight limit here. I do not know who put us over!

Caleb and Eli playing in a box, again.

Eli exhausted after hours of bouncing.