Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back to Work!!

What a busy week it was for us. I returned to work after a long 10 months off. After being back a week it feels that it was not long enough. It is going to take everyone a few weeks of getting used to the schedule but we will get there. The boys did great at the sitters. She said they had no problems adjusting. However every night when we got home they would scream bloody murder if I left the room. So I was not able to get much done through out the evening. That is the one thing I have not figured out yet. When to get all the house work done. I was so excited to be home with the boys this weekend that our house became an even bigger pit! Oh well we will get there eventually.

We did have a great weekend though. We spent Saturday running errands and then went to our friend's house in the evening. We went to visit Megan and Benji and there little boys. A few other friends came over. We enjoyed an evening of hanging out and playing. Yes, I was ready for bed before the boys I think. Then on Sunday we went to the Children's Museum for the morning. It was great all the boys had so much fun climbing and running around. I will have to get pictures of that up next week because I have not down loaded it. We hope that everyone had a great week after the holidays. Below are pictures from the week.

Daddy working out with the boys. He is building up some big muscles.

The boys enjoying Noah's Christmas present. Connor wanted to join in the fun.

Noah helping to feed the twins.

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