Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold Season!!

Well it was another week back to work. We are definitely starting to get used to our schedule. The boys are doing great at the sitter and are doing much better at home. However on Friday the twins came home with bad colds. They are horribly congested and I am worried it is just going to lead us into ear infections. We will see. Luckily I am off tomorrow so we can take them into the doctor if need be. Everyone is doing well besides that. Eli seems to be enjoying being back with all of his friends. He is really starting to learn his letters. He is recognizing them as he reads now. It is amazing how old he seems now. It is also sad that we are almost to his third birthday! The twins both have four teeth now. Caleb is a walking fool and Andrew takes a few steps here and there. He is still more interested in climbing things. I found him on the couch the other day so that was real exciting. Jeanette, their sitter, every day has a new story of where he has been. He must be the adventurer. However he is also the one that lets you know when he is sick. Caleb does let being sick stop him, Andrew is a hot miss if he is sick. All he wants is to be held and cuddled. If he is not then he is throwing a tantrum. It is funny to see the differences. Besides that not much new. We have had a good weekend so far. We ran errands yesterday and ended at Lafayette Square, yes for those that know the area, we wanted to check out the arcade area they have. They had a great area for little ones to play in. Attached are pictures from the children's museum last week and them playing in the play area. We hope everyone has a good week and stays warm!

Andrew and Eli playing on the airplane in the Children's play area.

Caleb with a bowl on his head. He loves putting things on his head, this is one of his favorites.

Eli playing out in the snow on Wednesday. Yes it was cold, he was only out there for a few minutes but he was just dying to go out.
Andrew and Caleb (and friend) playing in the toddler area at the museum

What the boys looked like after the museum in the rear view mirror. They were exhausted.

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Preston said...

The cold bug got us all too. Love the rearview mirror picture!!