Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well it was our first of many, I believe, Monster Jam. Eli, Josh, and I went to Monster Jam last night at Lucas Oil Stadium for Eli's upcoming birthday. Let me tell you it was an experience. We got pit passes for before the show and got to walk down on the course and see all the trucks and drivers. We even go to see his favorite, Gravedigger and Maximum Destruction. He was the happiest little guy. He had his little trucks that he brought with him and was driving them down on the dirt. We then had the show which included demolition derby, motorcycle tricks, and of course the Monster Truck both racing and freestyle. It was crazy loud, the trucks did not bother Eli the fireworks are another story. It started with all the theatrics and Eli was ready to run out the door. He was screaming that he wanted to go home, everyone around us were staring. After the fireworks were over though he enjoyed the whole show. He was so excited and could not stop talking about any of it. It was very enjoyable and he is already talking about seeing them again. Those of you with little boys I am sure you soon will be heading down the same path!! Attached are some pictures from our evening.

The twins were lucky enough to stay home with Grandma McIntyre. They had a blast. Considering that it turned out that they both had an ear infection, Andrew a double one. Andrew also was put back onto breathing treatments four times a day. It has kept everyone busy but they are acting much more comfortable and happy. Andrew is also walking a lot more! I still have not caught any on tape, yes I am getting pretty lazy about things, sorry boys! He will walk long distances and then decide that he wants to crawl. They are also getting pretty feisty with each other. If one wants what the other has they will hit, scratch, lay on, etc the other. It is pretty funny if it weren't for the other one screaming bloody murder. They are getting so big, just think one more month and they will be a year old!! Crazy how time flies.

We hope everyone has a great week!

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