Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Party Time!!

Yesterday we celebrated Eli's and the twins birthdays. We asked Eli if he wanted a party on his own or with his brothers and he told us that he wanted it with his brothers. So probably for the only year ever we had a party for all of them. We had a party with family and friends and it was wonderful. The party was definitely a whirl wind. The boys were running everywhere taring into everything. I think there was a point that they had sensory overload and did not know what to play with. Once again our friends and family were way to generous with gifts. What a change a year makes. Last year I was sitting at Eli's birthday party ready to pop. I don't even think I had a shirt that could cover up my whole belly at that time. Now I have three healthy beautiful boys running around. Opening gifts was just complete chaos. I did not even know where to look most of the time. There was wrapping paper, presents, clothes, shoes, etc. flying everywhere. We also set up the bounce house in the garage which all of our guests, yes all boys, enjoyed. It was sad that we did not have a single girl in attendance, hopefully Shannon is working on that. We then had lunch and cake. All the boys enjoyed theirs and scarfed it down. Andrew was hesitant at the beginning but then came around. It was a lot of fun but exhausting as well. By the end of the day Josh and I were done. We appreciate all our friends and family do for our family and all they give to our children. We look forward to many more joyous birthday parties, probably never together again. That means that everyone can look forward to two parties spread out over a few weeks for the McIntyre family in February. Attached are pictures of the festivities. Next week is the twins actual birthday so I will be posting more about them then! Have a great week.
Caleb very excited for his cupcake. He could not stop giggling.
Andrew was very unsure at first but then he dug in.
Eli blowing out his three candles. He has been very excited all week for this.
The boys enjoying the bounce house.
Present time, a little crazy.
Playing some hoops with brothers!

Eli enjoying his fire fighters outfit.

The twins working on unwrapping some gifts.

Some naked time with our toys, they love this!!

Andrew practicing some hoops in the buff.

Monday, February 16, 2009

We have a 3 Year Old!!

Eli officially turned 3 yesterday. Wow, what three years can bring. Watching him yesterday I was amazed at how he has changed. He is such a little boy. He runs everywhere and wants to be in everything. He is really enjoying playing on his own these days. He goes to his room and shuts the door to play so that his brothers do not bother his train. He does not want his brothers to have anything that is his or anything that he is interested in. We have had a few violent battles, just wait til they are bigger Eli you will be in a world of trouble. He is also enjoying reading everything. He is recognizing letters in everything we read so we are getting even closer to reading, crazy!! Right now he is also obsessed with Candyland and puzzles. He is just trying to soak up everything I think. I watched the video of his birth and it seems like yesterday and then I look at him. Oh yeah we are also starting to have major attitude. Yesterday I was trying to give him a high five, he looked at me and said "WHAT!!" with such attitude. It is scary. What will the teenager years bring. All I can say that I am very blessed to have Eli and all that he brings to our family. I wish him a happy, healthy birthday. Attached are pictures from when he was born up till now.

The rest of our week was good. We went to Marion for our cousins birthday. We had a great time playing with all the different kids. We went and visited the Shanks and Mooreheads and enjoy playing with a room full, eight kids. They were all very well behaved and enjoyed all the toys the triplets had. We are looking forward to Eli's and the babies birthday party next week. We will update next week. We hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Cousin to Play With!!

We are all so excited to announce that we now have a nephew. Andrea and Matt welcomed Evan Jacob on Wednesday night. He was 8 lbs 14 oz. with bright blond hair and just plain beautiful. He has blond hair and looks like a chunk. My mom said that he looks a lot like I did when I was born, so he must be beautiful. I am sad to say that I will not be able to see him for a few more months. Eli and I will be traveling to Minneapolis in a few months. It is just too much with all the kids. They all got home Saturday morning. Andrea and Matt have been doing a great job as first time parents. We are so excited and feel so blessed to have another healthy baby.

So far all of our family members in this generation have been born in February. We have a very busy month. The boys birthdays are coming up in the next few weeks so look for all the birthday updates next week. We went to a friend of ours birthday party, Connor Certain, yesterday. It was so fun to see all the kids together. I still remember when the kids were just a few months old and we got them together with Connor, my how have times changed. Andrew and Caleb have been doing very well, no more sicknesses (knock on wood). They are walking/running places these days. Caleb runs so fast that he looses track of where he is going and runs right into walls. We have had a week full of bumps and bruises due to this. Eli is doing great as well, just a week away from being 3. I can not believe how big he is getting. We hope everyone has a great week. Attached are pictures of Andrea, Matt, baby Evan, and my parents.

Evan right after he was born.

The happy parents.
Grandpa doing what he does best, sitting and relaxing with Evan.

Grandma very excited to see Evan.
Evan finally relaxing at home!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Days

Well, I had been complaining about not getting any snow this season and then it hit us. We got 12.5 inches of snow and I got two snow days. It made for a great week. Everyone has been feeling great and we just got to relax around the house and play. Eli enjoyed playing outside with Josh, Sarah, the neighbors, and myself. He enjoyed sledding, making snow angels, etc. He would have stayed outside the whole time if I would have let him. I brought the snow into the twins since they are just getting over their illness. Andrew loved it and stuck his whole head into it, Caleb was content looking from far away. The twins are really starting to get a little crazy. Andrew is pretty much walking everywhere now so they are like bumper cars. I did forget a funny story a week ago. I was giving Andrew a breathing treatment and I made the mistake of not closing Caleb in the room with me. I hear Eli screaming about something in the bathroom. I just yell back to make sure the toilet seat is down. Eli continues to scream and cry but I can not tell why. He had told me the seat was down so I did not think much about it. Well Josh came home a little bit later and found the whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet along with some of Eli's cars. Needless to say it was very traumatic for Eli but Caleb thought it was great. They are really starting to play/fight together as well. Any one who comes over knows that things can change from happy to angry in about 1 second. It is never boring around here.

Josh and I have begun to pack some things in our house up in anticipation of putting it on the market by the end of March. Yes, it will take us that long. But if anyone knows of anyone wanting a good starting off home on the west side let us know.

I have attached pictures from the week along with video of Andrew walking. We hope everyone enjoyed their winter storm if they had one and now I am looking forward to spring.
Andrew loves playing peek-a-boo from behind our doors. It is always hysterical.
Andrew loving the snow, Caleb not so much.
Sarah and Eli playing out in the snow.
The twins love when Eli is in his snow gear. They always attack him.
Eli climbing some snow in our back yard with Sarah and Jack