Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's Party Time!!

Yesterday we celebrated Eli's and the twins birthdays. We asked Eli if he wanted a party on his own or with his brothers and he told us that he wanted it with his brothers. So probably for the only year ever we had a party for all of them. We had a party with family and friends and it was wonderful. The party was definitely a whirl wind. The boys were running everywhere taring into everything. I think there was a point that they had sensory overload and did not know what to play with. Once again our friends and family were way to generous with gifts. What a change a year makes. Last year I was sitting at Eli's birthday party ready to pop. I don't even think I had a shirt that could cover up my whole belly at that time. Now I have three healthy beautiful boys running around. Opening gifts was just complete chaos. I did not even know where to look most of the time. There was wrapping paper, presents, clothes, shoes, etc. flying everywhere. We also set up the bounce house in the garage which all of our guests, yes all boys, enjoyed. It was sad that we did not have a single girl in attendance, hopefully Shannon is working on that. We then had lunch and cake. All the boys enjoyed theirs and scarfed it down. Andrew was hesitant at the beginning but then came around. It was a lot of fun but exhausting as well. By the end of the day Josh and I were done. We appreciate all our friends and family do for our family and all they give to our children. We look forward to many more joyous birthday parties, probably never together again. That means that everyone can look forward to two parties spread out over a few weeks for the McIntyre family in February. Attached are pictures of the festivities. Next week is the twins actual birthday so I will be posting more about them then! Have a great week.
Caleb very excited for his cupcake. He could not stop giggling.
Andrew was very unsure at first but then he dug in.
Eli blowing out his three candles. He has been very excited all week for this.
The boys enjoying the bounce house.
Present time, a little crazy.
Playing some hoops with brothers!

Eli enjoying his fire fighters outfit.

The twins working on unwrapping some gifts.

Some naked time with our toys, they love this!!

Andrew practicing some hoops in the buff.

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