Monday, February 16, 2009

We have a 3 Year Old!!

Eli officially turned 3 yesterday. Wow, what three years can bring. Watching him yesterday I was amazed at how he has changed. He is such a little boy. He runs everywhere and wants to be in everything. He is really enjoying playing on his own these days. He goes to his room and shuts the door to play so that his brothers do not bother his train. He does not want his brothers to have anything that is his or anything that he is interested in. We have had a few violent battles, just wait til they are bigger Eli you will be in a world of trouble. He is also enjoying reading everything. He is recognizing letters in everything we read so we are getting even closer to reading, crazy!! Right now he is also obsessed with Candyland and puzzles. He is just trying to soak up everything I think. I watched the video of his birth and it seems like yesterday and then I look at him. Oh yeah we are also starting to have major attitude. Yesterday I was trying to give him a high five, he looked at me and said "WHAT!!" with such attitude. It is scary. What will the teenager years bring. All I can say that I am very blessed to have Eli and all that he brings to our family. I wish him a happy, healthy birthday. Attached are pictures from when he was born up till now.

The rest of our week was good. We went to Marion for our cousins birthday. We had a great time playing with all the different kids. We went and visited the Shanks and Mooreheads and enjoy playing with a room full, eight kids. They were all very well behaved and enjoyed all the toys the triplets had. We are looking forward to Eli's and the babies birthday party next week. We will update next week. We hope everyone has a great week.

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Preston said...

Happy Birthday Eli! Cannot believe he is three already. Time is flying!!!