Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Beautiful Week!!

Well we are finally all healthy (besides running noses) and enjoying the good weather. We are really enjoying our time outside especially since we have to keep the house clean. The twins are slowly beginning to become accustomed to the outdoors. It is funny what new sounds do to them. They come running as fast as they can back to me. But now after a few weeks of going outside they are becoming much more brave and nerve racking for me. They are beginning to do a lot more babbling/talking. I would not call it talking but they are starting to put more sounds together. They are also loving to give kisses, both of them now. It is very funny to see them try to kiss Jack. Eli is doing great as well. He has been working on tracing lines, drawing circles, etc. and he is doing a great job. He is getting close to writing his name, you can see that he is following what we are doing it just does not come together quit yet.

We are still doing little things around the house trying to make sure it is ready to be seen. We had the realtor come by and take pictures so everything should be up online by this Monday. If you know anyone moving to the west side that needs a great beginning home let them know about us. We have not started to look, we are waiting to see what happens with our house.

Attached are pictures of the boys around the house with all the work being done. There are also pictures from Noah Banks second birthday party. They had it at a Jump place and it was a lot of fun. Eli had a great time and was exhausted afterwords. We hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Flu Hit....Again

Well this was another lovely week at the McIntyre's. Andrew was getting over a little bug, Caleb had the bug, and Mom got a little bit. We are hoping that Eli and Dad do not come down with it as well. Due to that there are no cute pictures this week to add. Trust me you do not want to see what this house or what we looked like. Besides that we have been working around the house, by we I mean Josh, trying to get it ready to be put up for sale. We are almost there just doing little things now. It is going to be up on the market starting tomorrow, I believe. We will be getting pictures taken of the house next week for fliers and what not. It is pretty hectic but exciting at the same time. Now for those of you in the area if you get a call from us asking to spend a few hours with you do not be surprised. We are really unsure of what we are going to do when people come looking with three kids and a large dog. It should be pretty funny/exhausting. Hopefully we can try to keep the house somewhat clean.

The kids now are doing much better. Caleb is still acting sick but he is not as bad. We enjoyed a great day outside today. The jump house has been moved outside and the kids love it. We went on a bike ride, the boys in a push bike. Eli was running around like a wild man. The twins are being transitioned to real shoes. They are now walking around in their crocs, thanks Mike and Sheila. So we are slowly getting away from the slide-ons to real shoes. They are doing really well with them. I will have to take a lot of pictures this upcoming week to make up for the lack of pictures this week. We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the better weather!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well we decided to have another work weekend. The kids were sent to grandparents after swim lessons on Saturday and we have been working on painting the whole house, except for the babies room. It has been very hectic. I am taking a short break to update. We appreciate all the help from our parents. We also appreciate our help from our friends Chad and Justin, they helped us paint all weekend.

The kids are doing well. Battling colds right now but still as energetic as ever. Eli enjoys swimming lessons so much. He is becoming more and more brave every minute. He loves wearing his goggles and jumping off the edge. He is really enjoying his alone time with anyone. He takes full advantage of it. My parents took him to a monster truck rally in Champaign so I am looking forward to hearing about that.

Andrew is really becoming our intellectual one. He is starting to do a lot more talking. He points at things and yells. He also loves giving kisses, especially to Jack. Once he starts he will keep on going. Jack is being tormented but Andrew loves it. He is definitly more emotional then Caleb. Right now he is attached to mom and dad and does not like it if they are far away.

Caleb is our roughneck. Takes what he wants and walks away with a grin. If he gets introuble for taking something the grin continues and he just goes on to the next thing. The boys are getting very big compared to what they used to be. They are starting to look and act like toddlers which makes me sad. Attached are pictures from the week. Have a great weekend.

Bubble mania in the garage. They loved this, they were all covered in bubbles.

Eli helping out in swim lessons with teh babies.

Caleb having fun chasing the ducks in lessons.

Andrew playing with dad in the pool.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Official...We have 1 Year Olds

I can not believe that a year has gone by since the twins were born. At times it has felt like it has been five years and at other times it feels like a minute. It is both exciting and sad that they are getting so big and beautiful. They have been wild men recently. Caleb attacks anyone that has something he wants. However he listens when you say no, Andrew not so well. Andrew does not do much attacking, he is doing more of the learning how things work. He is slowly putting things together and taking them apart. Caleb just knocks them over. I am starting to hear a lot more word type sounds coming out. They say uh oh along with all the regular mama, dada stuff. They are also starting to make a lot of animal sounds. It is quite entertaining. Their most favorite one is to roar. Each day is fun and interesting. It definitly has been a great challenge to raise them so far but it has been so enjoyable. Each day I am amazed by all that they do and I look forward to what the next year brings. Attached is pictures of them through out the year.

This week we did begin our swim lessons. Caleb loved them, Andrew did not. Caleb drank about half the pool and Andrew clung to mom the whole time. Eli loved the lessons, he was by himself with his teacher. He loved his teacher and did great swimming in his spiderman goggles. I was amazed at how big he looked. Here are some pictures from our first lesson. I do not have any of the twins in the water because I did not have a free set of hands so hopefully we will have more to come. We hope everyone has a great week.