Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Beautiful Week!!

Well we are finally all healthy (besides running noses) and enjoying the good weather. We are really enjoying our time outside especially since we have to keep the house clean. The twins are slowly beginning to become accustomed to the outdoors. It is funny what new sounds do to them. They come running as fast as they can back to me. But now after a few weeks of going outside they are becoming much more brave and nerve racking for me. They are beginning to do a lot more babbling/talking. I would not call it talking but they are starting to put more sounds together. They are also loving to give kisses, both of them now. It is very funny to see them try to kiss Jack. Eli is doing great as well. He has been working on tracing lines, drawing circles, etc. and he is doing a great job. He is getting close to writing his name, you can see that he is following what we are doing it just does not come together quit yet.

We are still doing little things around the house trying to make sure it is ready to be seen. We had the realtor come by and take pictures so everything should be up online by this Monday. If you know anyone moving to the west side that needs a great beginning home let them know about us. We have not started to look, we are waiting to see what happens with our house.

Attached are pictures of the boys around the house with all the work being done. There are also pictures from Noah Banks second birthday party. They had it at a Jump place and it was a lot of fun. Eli had a great time and was exhausted afterwords. We hope everyone has a great week!

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