Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Flu Hit....Again

Well this was another lovely week at the McIntyre's. Andrew was getting over a little bug, Caleb had the bug, and Mom got a little bit. We are hoping that Eli and Dad do not come down with it as well. Due to that there are no cute pictures this week to add. Trust me you do not want to see what this house or what we looked like. Besides that we have been working around the house, by we I mean Josh, trying to get it ready to be put up for sale. We are almost there just doing little things now. It is going to be up on the market starting tomorrow, I believe. We will be getting pictures taken of the house next week for fliers and what not. It is pretty hectic but exciting at the same time. Now for those of you in the area if you get a call from us asking to spend a few hours with you do not be surprised. We are really unsure of what we are going to do when people come looking with three kids and a large dog. It should be pretty funny/exhausting. Hopefully we can try to keep the house somewhat clean.

The kids now are doing much better. Caleb is still acting sick but he is not as bad. We enjoyed a great day outside today. The jump house has been moved outside and the kids love it. We went on a bike ride, the boys in a push bike. Eli was running around like a wild man. The twins are being transitioned to real shoes. They are now walking around in their crocs, thanks Mike and Sheila. So we are slowly getting away from the slide-ons to real shoes. They are doing really well with them. I will have to take a lot of pictures this upcoming week to make up for the lack of pictures this week. We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the better weather!!

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