Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Official...We have 1 Year Olds

I can not believe that a year has gone by since the twins were born. At times it has felt like it has been five years and at other times it feels like a minute. It is both exciting and sad that they are getting so big and beautiful. They have been wild men recently. Caleb attacks anyone that has something he wants. However he listens when you say no, Andrew not so well. Andrew does not do much attacking, he is doing more of the learning how things work. He is slowly putting things together and taking them apart. Caleb just knocks them over. I am starting to hear a lot more word type sounds coming out. They say uh oh along with all the regular mama, dada stuff. They are also starting to make a lot of animal sounds. It is quite entertaining. Their most favorite one is to roar. Each day is fun and interesting. It definitly has been a great challenge to raise them so far but it has been so enjoyable. Each day I am amazed by all that they do and I look forward to what the next year brings. Attached is pictures of them through out the year.

This week we did begin our swim lessons. Caleb loved them, Andrew did not. Caleb drank about half the pool and Andrew clung to mom the whole time. Eli loved the lessons, he was by himself with his teacher. He loved his teacher and did great swimming in his spiderman goggles. I was amazed at how big he looked. Here are some pictures from our first lesson. I do not have any of the twins in the water because I did not have a free set of hands so hopefully we will have more to come. We hope everyone has a great week.

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Preston said...

Happy Birthday Boys!!!! Hope to see you all soon.