Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well we decided to have another work weekend. The kids were sent to grandparents after swim lessons on Saturday and we have been working on painting the whole house, except for the babies room. It has been very hectic. I am taking a short break to update. We appreciate all the help from our parents. We also appreciate our help from our friends Chad and Justin, they helped us paint all weekend.

The kids are doing well. Battling colds right now but still as energetic as ever. Eli enjoys swimming lessons so much. He is becoming more and more brave every minute. He loves wearing his goggles and jumping off the edge. He is really enjoying his alone time with anyone. He takes full advantage of it. My parents took him to a monster truck rally in Champaign so I am looking forward to hearing about that.

Andrew is really becoming our intellectual one. He is starting to do a lot more talking. He points at things and yells. He also loves giving kisses, especially to Jack. Once he starts he will keep on going. Jack is being tormented but Andrew loves it. He is definitly more emotional then Caleb. Right now he is attached to mom and dad and does not like it if they are far away.

Caleb is our roughneck. Takes what he wants and walks away with a grin. If he gets introuble for taking something the grin continues and he just goes on to the next thing. The boys are getting very big compared to what they used to be. They are starting to look and act like toddlers which makes me sad. Attached are pictures from the week. Have a great weekend.

Bubble mania in the garage. They loved this, they were all covered in bubbles.

Eli helping out in swim lessons with teh babies.

Caleb having fun chasing the ducks in lessons.

Andrew playing with dad in the pool.

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