Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring is Here!!

I know that I have not been doing a great job blogging recently but I think the weather is somewhat to blame for this. We have been super busy between playing outside, showings of the house, birthday parties for family and friends that we just do not seem to have a spare minute. The boys are doing great and loving this weather. We have had two shorts days and the twins have scratches up and down both of their legs. They are playing hard that is for sure. We are hearing a lot more words from them now and they are very vocal in what they want. They love watching birds and planes outside. We have enjoyed a lot of walks down the path. Caleb will stop everyone talking to them. Andrew does a good job of getting to the bridge. They really like to throw rocks into the water and climb the side of the bridge. They are very cute in their little sandals and shorts. It is making me very excited for the summer!!

Eli is doing great. He loves riding his bike and playing basketball on his new hoop. The twins enjoy this as well but I think Eli likes hitting them in their heads. He is really getting good and tracing things and drawing lines. His counting and recognizing some letters are great. It is amazing how big he is getting. He is very ready for summer as well. He keeps on talking about staying home with mom. Attached are some pictures of our outdoor adventure. We hope everyone is doing well!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

We hope that everyone has had a great Easter. We had a very good weekend. Grandma and Grandpa Block came for Easter. WE had a big meal last night at home and went to church and then to brunch today. Of course the Easter Bunny visited us and brought baskets and eggs to search for. The boys had a lot of fun and seemed to enjoy holding and shaking the eggs. We are also enjoying the great weather. It is finally starting to feel like spring. Before this weekend we had a long week.

Beginning last Saturday Caleb gave us a big scare. He was having difficulty breathing last Saturday and we were forced to take him to the hospital where we stayed through Tuesday. It took a while to figure out what was going on and the doctors got it down to two things, either pneumonia or asthma. We are unsure of what it was still but he is doing 100% better and enjoying playing around. The first day that all three boys were back together was great. They really enjoyed playing. Attached are pictures from Easter and the hospital.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break!!

Well we have had a very good week. Eli and I traveled to Minneapolis to meet our new cousin Evan. It was a great trip. Eli loved flying. I struggled with the turbulence but Eli loved it. He was laughing like crazy. It was a great experience with just one kids, I am not looking forward to our flight in June with all of them. In Minnesota we had Evan's baptism, I am his godmother. Evan was great!! We made trips to the Mall of America where Eli got to ride roller coasters, which for the most part he loved. There were a couple that he hated. We also went to the aquarium which was really neat and Eli loved the tunnel with all the fish going over us. We also went to the fire station and got a tour. Eli got to get into the fire trucks and sit in them. He also got to spend a lot of time with his Aunt and Uncle. I do not think that he left Matt's side when he was home. They made a ramp for his cars which was probably the highlight of the trip. I have attached pictures from it.
The twins are doing great, they did their best to tire out Grandma McIntyre but she survived. It was so great to see them when I got home. I feel like they grew a foot taller. They seem to be saying a lot more words and interacting a lot more. By interacting I mean fighting over everything and anything which makes for great entertainment. Of course after being home for a few days I noticed Andrew's ear was bothering him and both boys have ear infections. I mean it would not be normal if someone was not sick. We wish everyone a great rest of the week and we will update more about what everyone is doing now shortly!!

Eli getting ready to go for a ride in the race cars, his favorite.

Going for a ride on Diego's bus.

Andrea, Matt, and Evan celebrating his baptism.

Evan chilling out, he was out!

Eli watching over Evan. Eli did great with him. He sang to him and held him, he was a very good cousin.

The whole Block side of the family at the baptism.

Matt and Eli playing with the ramp.

Eli at legoland in the Mall of America.

Eli sitting outside of one of the firetrucks.