Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer is Here!!

It is official. I am now on my summer break. I am very excited for what this summer is going to bring. It will be very busy but a lot of fun. As long as everything goes smoothly we will be closing on our new home and our old home this Thursday. It is going to be a big change but a great change. The house has a full finished basement and plenty of room for play rooms all over the house. We just might have a few adult rooms in the new house. I am hopeful that everything will go through smoothly. Pictures will come next week as long as it does.

The boys are doing great besides having teeth come in, I think. I do not remember Eli going through this but they are going through a very rough few days. Fevers, not sleeping, drooling, not eating, and very cranky. It seems to be due to teeth because they continue to hold their mouths in odd ways but we can not see anything. So it has been a couple rough days. We did take them to the zoo today because our house was being appraised and they loved it so that was nice. Eli is getting so big. He has been running around like a wild man with the great weather. He has not stopped sweating because he does not sit down to cool off. The twins do all they can to keep up. Andrew actually does pretty good. He loves to play kickball with Eli. Caleb is just more interesting in stealing toys from the two of them.

Well the next week should be great, I will fill you in shortly. Have a good week!

Enjoying the sharks at the zoo.

The boys playing at the park at the zoo.

Andrew loving the sea lions.
Caleb is a little unsure of those sea lions.

Eli on the slide at the zoo.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hectic Times

Well the reason for no blogging is we are going through a crazy time. About a week and a half ago we got an offer on our house. After going back and forth a little we accepted an offer the only catch is that they need the house by June 6th. Well we hadn't even started to look at homes yet so we began to scramble. There were a few days were we just were looking at tons of homes. We found a few that we liked and had to make decisions of what it was we wanted. It was very stressful and we finally made an offer on a home that will grow with us, we hope, and has plenty of room. It is an Avon which is not too far from us right now. We are still waiting on inspections to be done and to be accepted. As of now we will be closing around the weekend of the 6th. We are so appreciative to our friends and family for all their help during this time. We have had a large group of people helping watch kids, packing, moving things, etc. We also had to have an ER visit amid this craziness. Eli decided that it would be neat to stick two rocks up his nose one day at the sitter. Well I did not find out about it until 5 that evening and took him to the ER where they were removed quickly and painlessly. It was very entertaining considering the stress that Josh and I have been under. We have had little sleep and a lot of worries. The kids have kept us laughing through out it. The twins are becoming quiet the trouble makers, when I say twins I mean Caleb. He is getting into everything, throwing, climbing, screaming, etc. We are starting to hear a lot more words from both, especially Andrew. They seem to enjoy playing together as well. Eli would rather have more space from them, which he will get shortly, we hope.

Attached are some pictures of the kids outside. As long as everything goes through with the house I will attach pictures shortly. Sorry about the long absence from the blog, I will try to get better once school is out, only three more days!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

To all the mom's that work so hard we would like to say happy mother's day. We are blessed to have great mother's in our family and we are appreciative every day for everything that they do for us. Grandma McIntyre and Grandma Block do so much for us as a family that words are not enough!! We appreciate all the trips to Indy that have been made to help out with anything. We all know that we have needed a lot of extra help over the past year and a half. Thanks again for everything!!

We have had a pretty good week. We have been swamped with showings of the house ( which we hope will be paid off with an offer that is supposed to come today, we are hoping!!) It has made our life very hectic. The boys are doing great. We went to the zoo yesterday with our friends Megan and Benji and their two little boys. When we went to lunch we realized how crazy it is to say that we had a party of nine with just two families there. We had a great time and enjoyed all the animals. Today we went to the track to watch an hour of practice with the race cars. Andrew loved them, he was waving at every car that went by. Caleb was unsure with the first two cars and then he just relaxed in our lap. Eli flipped out at first but then told us that the cars did not scare him his coughs did. He was loved it after he got used to the sounds. It was a beautiful morning spent with my three beautiful boys. How lucky we are to have such great boys. Attached are some pictures from the week. Happy Mother Days!!

The boys enjoying the sun at the track.
The twins love getting into the toy bin outside. There are dangerous weapons (toys) in there which causes big problems.

Eli and Mom racing at the track!! Eli won every time!

The boys hanging out with mom at the track on Mother's day.

Everyone on the train ride with Noah up front at the zoo.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Enjoying weather...sometimes!

We have had a week full of rain and with a few scattered nice days. It has added up to the boys being pretty sick. Caleb had to have another visit to the ER due to breathing issues. They both have ear infections. It just seems to never end. We are starting to think that it is allergies/asthma. We shall see what the season brings us.

We had an enjoyable visit with Aunt Andrea and our cousin Evan. They came just for a day but we got to play with them quite a bit. It was a little hectic at times but the weather was nice. We got to go to our friend's cook out and we enjoyed playing on the swing set. All the boys loved the slide. Attached are our pictures from this weekend. Notice how hard the adults are working in the picture!

Sarah and Josh working hard in our yard of chaos!!

Trying to get all four to pose for a picture.