Sunday, May 3, 2009

Enjoying weather...sometimes!

We have had a week full of rain and with a few scattered nice days. It has added up to the boys being pretty sick. Caleb had to have another visit to the ER due to breathing issues. They both have ear infections. It just seems to never end. We are starting to think that it is allergies/asthma. We shall see what the season brings us.

We had an enjoyable visit with Aunt Andrea and our cousin Evan. They came just for a day but we got to play with them quite a bit. It was a little hectic at times but the weather was nice. We got to go to our friend's cook out and we enjoyed playing on the swing set. All the boys loved the slide. Attached are our pictures from this weekend. Notice how hard the adults are working in the picture!

Sarah and Josh working hard in our yard of chaos!!

Trying to get all four to pose for a picture.

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