Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hectic Times

Well the reason for no blogging is we are going through a crazy time. About a week and a half ago we got an offer on our house. After going back and forth a little we accepted an offer the only catch is that they need the house by June 6th. Well we hadn't even started to look at homes yet so we began to scramble. There were a few days were we just were looking at tons of homes. We found a few that we liked and had to make decisions of what it was we wanted. It was very stressful and we finally made an offer on a home that will grow with us, we hope, and has plenty of room. It is an Avon which is not too far from us right now. We are still waiting on inspections to be done and to be accepted. As of now we will be closing around the weekend of the 6th. We are so appreciative to our friends and family for all their help during this time. We have had a large group of people helping watch kids, packing, moving things, etc. We also had to have an ER visit amid this craziness. Eli decided that it would be neat to stick two rocks up his nose one day at the sitter. Well I did not find out about it until 5 that evening and took him to the ER where they were removed quickly and painlessly. It was very entertaining considering the stress that Josh and I have been under. We have had little sleep and a lot of worries. The kids have kept us laughing through out it. The twins are becoming quiet the trouble makers, when I say twins I mean Caleb. He is getting into everything, throwing, climbing, screaming, etc. We are starting to hear a lot more words from both, especially Andrew. They seem to enjoy playing together as well. Eli would rather have more space from them, which he will get shortly, we hope.

Attached are some pictures of the kids outside. As long as everything goes through with the house I will attach pictures shortly. Sorry about the long absence from the blog, I will try to get better once school is out, only three more days!!

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Julie said...

Congrats on a quick sale!! That's awesome, and good luck with inspections and closings!! This will be a very busy couple weeks for you all! Wish we were closer to help some how!