Sunday, June 21, 2009

We're Back!!Sorry about the break!

So we have a lot to update so I am not going to type a lot tonight but I will post pictures. The move is starting to be more settled. We are getting things up on walls and the garage cleared out. For the first time of six years of marriage I can say we have one car in the garage. People who know Josh well are probably in shock!! The kids are loving the house only a few bumps and bruises from the stairs, we are learning! We also just returned from Florida for a trip with my side of the family. We enjoyed a lot of time in the pool and at the beach. Eli loved the beach the twins were not as excited. Caleb has become a little OCD about having any speck of dirt on him so sand really freaked him out! I will give more of an update later in the week but here are some pictures.

I promise to get better pictures of the house later. This is all I have right now.

Eli enjoying his meal in the playroom on the first floor.

Andrew enjoying a jog around the living room and kitchen.

WE love pushing the stools across the wood floors in the kitchen!

Jack and the boys enjoying the pond in the back.

Trying to master the stairs!

Getting ready for the first flight of a family of five! It was tiring but successful.

The whole family enjoying a little time away.
Hanging in the pool with Aunt Andrea and our cousin Evan.
Eli enjoying the waves, the others as close to a lap as possible.

Enjoying a bubble bath with dad. Yes Caleb got so excited that he chipped his front teeth.

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Julie said...

WOOOOOO WHOOOOOOOOO!!! It looks so nice!! I'm so happy for your big family of 5 being able to spread out! Great to see you! Wish we could see you more!