Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Days!!

We have been enjoying the summer!! The boys love playing outside on their swingset, bikes, push trucks, and pool. They want to get into everything. The twins have been saying a lot more words and getting into a lot more trouble!! Yesterday I found Andrew had climbed over the couch onto the island then down onto the kitchen counters. He then proceeded after I took him down to climb on the kitchen table, the coffee table, and so on. They are really testing me especially while I am trying to make meals. Caleb is definitely becoming our meaty one. He has a little bit of chunk to him. He eats a lot and anything, Andrew is the opposite. Andrew just wants to play with the food. Their new favorite words are no and mine so that has been a lot of fun. Andrew's other new thing is waking up Eli which Eli detests. The other day Eli told me that he would wake himself up. Andrew never fails to find a way into his room and wake him up though. It is tough with not enough hands.

Eli is definitely going through a jealous stage. He wants a lot more attention then normal and to do it he is talking in baby voices like his brothers. He also has been acting out towards his brothers. I see him when he thinks I am not watching push, pull, drag, etc his brothers around. So we have had an increase in timeouts.

Despite all the craziness there is a lot of fun being had. We got the pictures back and they are awesome as soon as we purchase them I will put some up. The boys are having so much fun playing at our new house. We are looking forward to our vacation to the Outer Banks which we leave for this weekend. The time is flying but we are enjoying it. Attached are pictures from our summer activities. The ones with the boys covered in paint is them finger painting a picture for Dad for our anniversary.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some More Pics

We have actually taken quite a bit of pictures recently. On the 4th the boys helped Dad with Pop its, those were our big fireworks.

We also completed the swing set which the boys just love. They enjoy running up the ladder and then down the slide and of course the swings are a big hit. I had to put a baby gate over the entry to the monkey ladders. I am just not quite ready for that yet. We have had a few bumps and bruises but they love it.

We also, finally, got the first set of professional pictures taken of the boys. We have not received them yet but we snapped a few before the pictures were being taken. They were very cute and well behaved considering the number of them. They seemed to enjoy the time and then we went out for ice cream.

We hope everyone is having a great week.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

Well it is official this summer is very busy!! So far we are enjoying our new home a lot but also have a lot of things to get done! The boys love all the space and run like wild men. They have mastered stairs and doors (not so good for mom). The backyard is great, we are currently working on adding a swingset. It is taking more then expected but it is going to be great (thanks Grandma and Grandpa McIntyre). We have enjoyed swimming a lot, bike rides, parks, and play dates.

Eli is doing great. He is such a little boy. Right now he loves riding his bike, big wheels, playing with our new neighbors, and really loves the water. I can not keep him out of water in or out of the house. He loves washing his hands right now on his own, I just find sinks on all over the house! I am really impressed with all that he does. He continues to be very well behaved even though he now thinks that he is the one in charge. I can not tell you how many times a day I hear him say Andrew Joseph or Caleb James.

The twins are getting so big. They are talking a lot more and right now are going through a stage where they do not like to be seperated from mom or dad. It can get ugly. The boys also have had quite the tempers. Screaming if they do not get what they want and throwing themselves on the ground. We have had some interesting outings. We enjoyed going to the Children's Museum this week and the twins loved everything. They also have done very good with going to the zoo. They love all the animals and really liked the splash park. Now I have gotten very bad about taking pictures so attached are just a few from the swingset and us around the house. I never have the camera on me when we go places, not enough hands.