Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to the Old Grind!

Well I have been back to work now for two weeks, that is the reason for the shortage of posts. It has been very hectic but everyone has taken to the transition well, except for me. It is great being back at school but I definitly miss staying home with the boys especially when the weather is still great for doing things outside. We have kept very busy by visiting grandparents that past two weekends and going to the state fair this past week. The boys loved the animals at the state fair. The twins, especially Caleb, would go right up to them and pet them. Eli was more passive about it.

The twins are getting so big these days. I went to pick them up from the sitter the other day and I saw them standing next to the other kids and I noticed how big they are. It makes me sad thinking about how fast it goes by. They are communicating great. I can make out most of what they say and they definitly let you know what they want even if it is through a tantrum. Caleb has been the very go happy one recently and Andrew has become a lot more aggressive with what he wants. It is amazing to see how they change.

Eli is such a big boy. He is wanting to go over to the neighbors to play on his own and really enjoys playing with the older kids. I wonder why, could be because he spends all his time with his little brothers. He is getting close to writing his name, he has been practicing a lot at the sitters. All he wanted to see at the state fair were the tractors. So when we saw them he was very excited. He also got to go to a Colts game with Dad which he loved. He would not stop talking about it. At Grandma Blocks he was quite the fish. He was swimming under water and refused to play in the baby pool anymore!

Besides that not much new. I have attached some pictures from the last few weeks before and the Colts game.

I love this picture of the boys, Noah Banks, Eli, and Caleb, playing outside at the house.
The boys enjoying lunch after playing in the horrible heat at Grandma and Grandpa McIntyres. All the twins were saying here was Grandpa, they were obsessed with him.

Eli and Josh getting ready to go into the game.

Our cousin Evan when he came to visit right before school started.

Eli hanging on the basketball hoop at Grandpa and Grandma Blocks.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Outer Banks Excitement

We had a great vacation to the Outer Banks with the whole McIntyre clan. We enjoyed our time on the beach and at the pool. The drives were long but the kids did a lot better then expected. That does not mean that we did not have some harry moments. Mom had a few moments where I just wanted to break down. Once we arrived we had a lot of fun. All the boys loved the water, especially the warm pool. Which was the hot tub turned down to the mid 90s. Eli became a very big fish. He loved going underwater and opening his eyes and singing under there. It was very entertaining. Eli also enjoyed playing with his cousin McKenzie. They were inseperable and wanted to do what ever the other was doing. It was great to get a lot of time with her.

The twins were beach bums. They enjoyed playing in the sand and the small pools that daddy would dig. They did have a cold while there so at times there was crankiness, shocking with these two and the stage they are in right now (Yeah right, we have a lot of screaming if we do not get what we want these days). We did have a funny walk on the beach one evening. We were out looking for shells and Caleb got wet in the surf so we took of his shorts and diapers. As we were walking he pooped twice, it was very entertaining to say the least.

We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed the company of our family. I also celebrated my birthday there which was great because we had built in babysitters for us. Eli also got to see his first movie in the theater Ice Age 3, which he loved.

It was sad when we got home because that means we are that much closer to going back to school! Andrew did give us a scare. We had some friends over for dinner and he decided to dive off the swingset. Mom was crying right along with Andrew but thank goodness he was ok. We have been very busy outside enjoying the cooler summer. It has been great. One more week and then back to the old grind. Below are pictures from our trip. I will try getting more on later.
Eli and Kenzie playing out in the water as they were all day most days.

All the grandkids posing at the beach.

Andrew enjoying a snack on the beach.

Eli having pure joy out at the beach.

Grandma and Grandpa with all the grandkids. Thanks again for a great vacation.

Caleb enjoying one of many little pools that Josh made for the kids.

A pool in progress.

This is how the hot tub looked many days. We made full use of it and it was very dirty by the time we left.

Kenzie and Eli at Gravediggers headquarters. We loved seeing all the truck!!