Saturday, September 12, 2009

Canoeing, Biking, Etc.

We have been quite the outdoorsman recently. Eli and Josh were the first to take the canoe out on our neighbor hood pond, yes that is right. Then Josh decided the twins were ready so we all five went out for a spin around. The twins did very well and loved being out on the water. I think they enjoyed playing in the canoe the most when it was on dry land though.

Eli is also learning about his new big bike. We put training wheels on a little bike and boy does he love it. We went on our first long bike ride with him riding it the other day. He did great and never got tired. I was a little shocked by that.

The twins are enjoying the weather. They love just running and playing. One of our neighbors came by and said that it seems that we are outside almost all day. These winter months might kill us!! Thank goodness for the basement.

Besides that not much new. We hope everyone is doing well!

Caleb sprinting full force down the sidewalk.
Andrew enjoying some playtime with daddy.

The kids playing in the canoe after going around the pond.

Eli riding his new big boy bike with training wheels.

Eli and Josh and the maiden voyage out on the pond.

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