Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why are we always exhausted?

That is a question that I have been asking myself daily. By the time I put the boys to bed doesn't matter if it is a week day or weekend I am exhausted and can barely get done what is needed (laundry, dishes, clothes set out, etc). The boys are definitly full of energy and keeping us on our toes. Both the twins have been a little cranky recently. We think (never know) that it is due to their molars all coming in at once and the fact that they got their shots and have a little bit of a runny nose. But man they have been little cranks here and there. Poor Eli is getting sick of it. I hear all day "Mom Andrew now is being bad.... Mom Caleb is standing on the table screaming.... Andrew don't head butt me and bite me" These are all examples of what I hear through out the day.

We did have a good weekend. We went to our friend's (Mason Moorehead) birthday party and had a blast. Eli has also started Sunday School and he loves it. Every time we are learning new songs and new friends. The weather was actually pretty great so we played a lot outside. It is definitly feeling like fall which is great. Attached are pictures from the past week.

Birthday fun. It was our friend, Mason's, birthday. There were a lot of kids and a lot of fun had with indoor playgrounds!
Caleb enjoying one of the slides with Mom's assistance.

The Mooreheads, McIntyres, Shanks, and Cases. Go Colts!!

Eli wanted to camp out one night. It lasted all of thirty minutes.

The boys enjoying a little play time at bedtime.

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