Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Fun

Our cousin McKenzie came to visit with her mom and dad this weekend. We have enjoyed a lot of play time together. We also visited an orchard where we went on a hay ride to pick out pumpkins. We also got to jump in jump houses, pick out apples, get balloon spiders made, and enjoy kettle corn. We had a great time with the McIntyre side, Grandma and Grandpa also visited. Eli just enjoyed having someone to play with besides his brothers bothering him. The twins also enjoyed have Kenzie help them with things. She seemed a lot more willing to help and play with them then Eli.

The twins have been doing much better recently. Not as much temper tantrums, they seem to be passed the pain with their teeth for now as well. Eli continues to become a big boy. He went to his first birthday party where we did not stay with him. It was one of his friends from day care. It felt weird just dropping him off and picking him up later.

Attached are pictures from the weekend with the Mussers and Grandma and Grandpa McIntyre.

Everyone getting scrubbed clean after a hard day of playing.

Caleb with his baloon spider. He was enthralled with the guy who was making the balloons.

Caleb helping to pick out pumpkins.

Kenzie, Eli, and Uncle Kyle on the hayride.

Andrew and Mom on the hayride.

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