Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Well what a busy and exciting week for the boys. After the last blog last week we went to the Children's museum. The boys had a blast and were all over the place. It wasn't too crowded so the boys could run around and be wild. This was the first time that I saw the twins doing a lot of things they have not done before. Being brave and going up the slides in the science works area. Trying to build boats (very unsuccessful, but they tried). It was a good day. Then this week was filled with running errands and a visit from our friends from Valpo, Matt and Lindsey Rochner and their little boy Wyatt. Wyatt was born a few weeks after the twins. It was a little crazy when they were here. All the boys were having fun playing with toys and running around screaming. The noise volume was definitely higher then most nights. Oh we did also have a sick little one through out the week. Who knows what it was but Andrew had a fever and it ended with a rash. He really was never that unhappy but it was a little bothersome not knowing what it was.

Then the big day came, Halloween!! We spent Friday carving our last two pumpkins and getting ready for the big day. We then had Monicals, for those that do not know the best pizza ever, before going out on the town. The boys were very excited even though the twins had no clue what was going on. Eli did amazing. He normally is pretty shy but he was not that night. He was running ahead to every house ready to say Trick or Treat and Thanks. The twins were a little more apprehensive. Andrew kept on taking his candy out of his pumpkin and putting it into the persons bucket. He finally got the hang of it later in the evening. Caleb was more of the one to hang out by mom and wait to get his candy. There were a few houses with scary music and people in costumes that he backed away from screaming. Needless to say it was a great night. The pictures below are in random order but they are from the last week. Every one have a great week!

This is from the end of the night, after all the candy had been checked, and we were deciding what we could eat. Mom looks a little raggedy!
Thing 2 (Caleb), Thing 1 (Andrew), and Cat in the Hat (Eli)

The twins excited with their loot and ready to head to the next house!

The boys with the pumpkins after they were carved.

Getting ready to head out at the beginning of the night!

Carving pumpkins. They were more hands on with this pumpkin.

The boys all hanging out: Eli, Andrew, Caleb, and Wyatt Rochner (all the way from Texas)

Caleb and Eli getting ready to dig at the Children's Museum. Andrew was not cooperating.

Taking a ride in the race car

The boys getting ready to go around on the Merry Go Round

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