Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

From our family to everyone out there we hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving blessed with family and friends. We had a great time in Champaign visiting my parents and seeing my sister and her family. We did however find out that my parents house is a little too small for the family gatherings. We were stuffed in there like sardines so that many of us could not sleep due to little ones being able to see or hear us. We were all a little tired afterwords but we survived. Now the twins were up to their usual shenanigans (no idea on spelling). The first night there I thought I had kid proofed my parents room where the boys were sleeping, well I did not think about the bath tub in the bathroom attached to the room. Well we heard a thump, no big shocker since the boys can get out of pack n plays, cribs, cribs where the mattress has been dropped to the floor, etc. (they are escape artists)! Well my dad goes back to check and I hear a yell with my brother in law running out to tell us that Caleb was in the bath and Andrew was running the water fully dressed in pajamas. Andrew knew he was in trouble because he was trying to get back into the pack n play and Caleb was confused to why we were a little upset. Needless to say that was the last time that we let them fall asleep on their own.

Their jumping out of their cribs has made for a long past few weeks. I have come to realize how much I rely upon our schedule as do the boys. We are going to try a few more days in the cribs and then it is going to be big boy bed time. Below is a picture of where we found Andrew one night after his night out of the crib. There are also pictures from us in Champaign as well as at our friends birthday party. Once again Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! All I can say is that I am thankful for three healthy energetic boys that keep us on our toes at all time. I can also not get away without thanking our families for all the support that they have given to us over the years since welcoming our boys into the world. Without you who knows where we would be. We love you and are so grateful to you.

The boys enjoying some basketball outside, yes those are socks on their hands. I did not pack that well this trip.
Andrew and Caleb helping Dad decorate for Christmas.

The three amazing rockers at Grandma and Grandpas, they loved this.

Grandma entertaining the gang with a book. They were all ears.

Andrew taking good care of his cousin Evan. The boys loved playing with him over the holiday.

Try as I might I could not flip this picture. This is how the twins react when I hold another baby, that is Ben Certain. They wanted to help out a little.

Andrew after a hard night of partying outside of the crib. Yes we had to take everything else out of the room because previously that day during nap time he trashed the joint. He is always the main escapee.

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