Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A long few weeks!!

Well we have dealt with some form of a flu over the past few weeks. Eli and Andrew, Caleb somehow escaped it, both had fevers and sickness for three to four days. We survived it all, but let me tell you dealing with two cranky boys all day really did me in. After the sickness the boys really have become a lot more happy. I do not have as much fussing and crying that I seemed to have before. The twins are really starting to comprehend sharing even if they do not like it. Andrew definitly is the one more defiant. Caleb just goes with the flow. they both mastered climbing out of their cribs but Andrew is the only one who consistently does it and just stands at the door and screams bloody murder, that is after he has put all of their books into Caleb's crib. I will walk in there and Caleb is just sitting amongst twenty books grinning while Andrew is out just screaming. They are speaking in short fragments and really playing together (or wrestling depends on what you want to call it).

Eli has been a little bit more of a struggle recently. He does not want to share with brothers and he does not want to listen to me. We have had a few ugly meltdowns whenever brothers want to play with what he has, even if it is 30 cars he can not share one. It is definitly a very interesting time in the McIntyre house hold.

We did make a massive chalk board for the boys so there is enough space we do not have pushing. Josh and I also enjoye a night out at the amazing Colts game!! We were a little out of control!! Working the next was a challenge with four hours of sleep but it was well worth it. Thanks Grandma Pam for watching the boys. Attached are a few pictures over the past few weeks. Have a great week!

The boys enjoying their first time drawing on the chalk board.
One of our favorite past times, running without our shirts on.

This is the starting line for our running which happens daily.

Everyone helping Dad make the chalk board.

The twins just getting up in the morning and enjoying their cup of milk.

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Julie said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Meredith and I have twins too. Mine are fraternal. They are 18 months. I also have a 5 year old. It is getting crazy. I love that your kids are currently into running w/o shirts. Mine are too. I don't even know why, but they all like to take off their shirts after dinner. Hope your day goes well. My blog is listed on Meredith's under Bartlett Family.