Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas is coming!!

Well our household is very excited for Christmas. All we talk about is the tree, how many days are left, what will we say to santa, etc.,etc.,etc. It has calmed down quite a bit here. The boys for some reason now are staying in their beds again!! YEah, who knows maybe they figured out is more comfortable to stay in there then sleep on the floor! It has made our evenings a lot more calmer. The weather has not been great so we have spent a lot of time inside. But we make do by making car ramps, crashing cars, and dancing to christmas music.

The twins are doing great. It is amazing how big they look and how much they are talking. Caleb is definitly a happy go lucky kid. He does have his moments but they do not last long. He is always laughing and wanting to figure things out. This is sort of a change, this used to always be Andrew. He seems to do ok playing by himself or with his brothers but it seems he does like a little of alone time.

Andrew is definitly the more fiesty one at this moment. (It does seem to have a cycle). But he is getting a lot better about calming down quicker and he has quickly realized that he does not want time outs. He loves Eli and always wants to be next to him and playing with him. Our sitter says the twins do everything that Eli does and do not want to be left out of anything. Poor Eli!

Eli is doing great. Just the other day he was able to count all the way to 20, after I told him 20, 30 and so on he could go through it on his own. Pretty amazing how fast they learn. He is recognizing letters and can write his name, if he is in the mood!! That little brain is always working. He is looking forward to his fourth birthday party with his cousin!! All he talks about is having it seperate from his brothers. He even asked if they have to come. Guess he does need his breaks from them.

Besides that we are just getting ready for the holidays. We will have more posts about that as it approaches. Attached are pictures from the past few weeks.

Andrew sliding down the mat on our stairs after his monster trucks, he could have done this all day.
Eli of course started this!

The boys sending their trucks down.

All the boys enjoying some cuddle time.

Pretending to go night, night on the stairs. I know we shouldn't play on the stairs it just has provided some entertainment recently. Don't worry I have been right there.

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