Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus....

Well we made it to Christmas at the Zoo and had a great time. It really is a great set up. We went and checked out all the indoor animals while we waited for Dad to get off work. We also met our friends the Banks there. Then we went to see Santa, where there was no line!! Eli ran right up there and sat and told him what he wanted for Christmas. We went up with the twins and they were not too interested. Caleb really didn't care about him. He would give him high fives but we didn't try to put him on his lap. Andrew gave Santa his devil stare. I will have to try to get a picture of it, we see it quite often. And walked a safe distance around him in a semi-circle. No screaming though so that was good. When Eli was the twins age he screamed the whole time and wouldn't even walk up to him. They got their candy canes and then we went and checked out a couple of reindeer. It was a nice evening and painless. Eli loved it and has been talking about Santa ever since. They are very excited. I am just glad to be on break and able to enjoy a few days with the boys before complete chaos. Merry Christmas to everyone!

The twins loved the sea lions and would clap every time one passed by.
Here is Eli talking to Santa. Not shy at all. He was ready with his list of demands.

The picture that we had taken, the boys wouldn't let mom and dad leave.

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