Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

We hope that everyone had a great holiday with their family and friends. Ours was a great time but it felt like we were in the middle of a tornado. So much to do so little time and throw in presents and it gets crazy. The boys loved it of course and enjoyed all the spoiling. They were definitly acting like it by the end of the weekend. They wanted constant attention from someone! They got amazing presents from Santa. Eli even heard his bells at night, "that is the real santa, I can not get out of bed"! We left a note and cookies, carrots, and chocolate milk. for some reason Eli wanted him to have Chocolate milk. The boys got a lot of great gifts. Some of the favorites are a Kitchen, a rocket launcher (thanks Aunt Andrea!), fire truck and dump trucks, trampoline, and we could go on and on. Grandparents are way too good to us. We enjoyed catching up with family and seeing everyone. Attached are pictures through out Christmas.

Eli on Christmas eve preparing for Santa.
The boys reading a child's christmas story.

Cousin Evan hoping his father keeps the snow blocked.

Yes that is the twins somewhere in there. They were definitly unsure of what was going on, it was right after nap. Eli loved the snow and could have stayed out there all night.

Eli's own personal reindeer, Grandpa Block, pulling him down the driveway.

The boys opening gift with the Block side.

Andrew showing off one of his father's present from santa.

Eli jumping away on his trampoline.

The twins working with one of their favorite toys at Grandmas, the baby.

The boys on Christmas eve.


The Browands said...

We rarely get any real snow out here, but last December we got 28 inches. Needless to say, we only left twice to go across the street to the grocery store in the 4WD truck. We didn't own a shovel or a sled. So I tied a rope to a laundry basket and pulled John all around the neighborhood in it. It worked great - he couldn't fall out and it helped him stay sitting up to see all around!

:) Mere

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Julie said...

Do you like your trampoline? We are thinking about getting one for one of our twins who seems to need to bounce and is currently breaking his crib?? leave a comment on our blog if you want -Bartlett Family via Mere's blog.

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