Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monster Jam!! Woohoo!

Monster Jam was a monster success. Eli, McKenzie, Josh, Kyle, and I got to go see the monster trucks last night. They started off a little sluggish but after a junk food snack they became energized. They were up clapping and dancing and playing with their monster trucks they brought with them. They really did seem to enjoy themselves. Eli kept on talking about all the different trucks and who they were. You could just see him watch everything they were doing and his facial expressions were hysterical. If there was a big crash he would have his hand over his mouth in shock. It was a great time, for families with a lot of boys I believe we may be doing this for years to come.

The twins were lucky enough to get to stay home with Grandma McIntyre. They had a lot of fun playing and getting spoiled. They are still doing well and no Mom has not been able to switch them to big beds yet, I know it will come soon but just not ready. They are still causing havoc wherever we go. They are really enjoying coloring these days and enjoy sitting in the playroom to do this. (this is our designated coloring room) I did have one day someone trying to sneak coloring books and crayons into the kitchen. So when I took that away there was a major fit and little did I know I missed one crayon. I had a lovely brown line all over my white kitchen cabinets. Just a little extra art for the house.

Well we hope all is well and below are some pictures from Monster Jam!

This was our favorite truck that night.
Kenzie and Eli getting into the action at Monster Jam.

Eli giving some commentary about the trucks down below.

Eli and Kenzie cheesing for the camera.

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