Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes We Are Still Here

Sorry for the delay in posts but it has been a very hectic few weeks. With a very sick weekend and two play off games after that things have been a little crazy around here. Three of the five of us got a 24 hour bug of vomiting. It was not so much fun but at least it did not last too long and it was over the weekend. The big news is that Eli has been doing gymnastics since Christmas.

He loves it!!! He is very good at all the stuff he does, however he is a little impatient with the teachers. He just wants to keep on going and he gets frustrated when they make him slow down. He is doing really well and enjoys his alone time with one of us. After watching him with other 3 and 4 year olds I am seeing that he is getting so big. He is all of a sudden too tall for his 3T shirts, the pants have been short for a while. It is pretty sad that he is getting so big.

The twins are doing well, we are preparing for big boy beds. I say preparing because every time the day draws near that we said we are going to do it I back out. It is really taking a toll on me to think that my babies are getting that big. Yes they are ready, but I am not!! The twins are doing very well except for some temper tantrums here and there but we are doing well.

Attached are pictures from gymnastics, up next is Monster Jam so stay tuned for pictures, ok just kidding pictures for some reason are not working. I will try later.

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Julie said...

I love your blog.... I just laugh and realize how easy I've got it!
Love you and all your boys!!