Saturday, February 27, 2010

And now...we have two 2 year olds!!!

I can hardly believe that we are at this point in time. The twins second birthday is today. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. I am so proud of how well they are doing but I am sad that they are no longer my babies. Every day they are acting more and more like big boys. They had their second year dr. appointment and both are measuring around the 95% for everything. They are my big guys.

Andrew is just amazing right now. He is really having a sense of humor about things. He is very helpful with everything. He is not quit as emotional as he was a few months ago. He loves to dance and sing right now. He also really likes to color. He is Eli's shadow and loves being with him at all times. We had a great weekend last weekend with just the twins. Andrew really enjoyed the extra time to cuddle with mom and dad. He got to run around in the snow a little and loved it. He was just walking and watching what his feet were doing to the snow.

Caleb is doing just as well as Andrew. Right now he is a little bit more of the feisty one then Andrew. He just lets us know how he is feeling about everything. He is able to communicate a lot better within the past month about what he wants so we are improving in that. He too loves to color right now. He is definitly more independent and likes to play a little bit more on his own. Caleb is a little bit bigger all around. He took a little bit to get used to the snow but once he did he was just in love with it as Andrew.

We are so blessed to have two very healthy and happy two year olds, just can't believe they are getting this old. Attached are pictures of the two from birth to some recent pictures.

Andrew at birth! ( I think)

Caleb at birth ( I think)

Andrew enjoying the snow outside.

The boys exploring some new toys. We went to the boat, sport, and travel show and they loved the boats.

Andrew and caleb going for a cruise at Chuckie Cheese.

Andrew and Caleb out by the snowman they made with dad.
Caleb helping Dad. He refused to put his hat on under his hood so his head looks more mongolood then it actually is.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We have a 4 year old

Eli just a couple of weeks old!!

Can you believe that this beautiful baby is now four years old. It seems just like yesterday that he was born. We had his birthday party along with his cousin, McKenzie's 5th birthday, at Monkey Joe's yesterday. The kids had a blast and then we had family over for dinner afterwords. It was an exhausting day but Eli really enjoyed himself. If anything it made me realize how independent he is. He really didn't need me around for anything, opening presents, eating, playing, etc. He was happy as long as he was playing with his friends. It is very exciting but for a mom also a little sad. He also moved up to a full bed so that the twins could have his bed and he loves it. He just keeps on growing.

Right now he is really enjoying gymnastics and learning all that he can. He has all of his letters down and can count pretty high (depending on the day). I can't believe that in a year and a half he will be going off to school. He is really enjoying all types of board games as well. Every night once the twins are down we have game time where he gets to play one of his games/puzzles. He lives for these moments. It is also a nice time to have one on one with him. Below are some pictures of the birthday party. Happy Birthday big boy!!
Eli and Kenzie opening gifts, at this point they were exhausted.

Eli getting sung to for his birthday.

Monkey joe wishing him a happy birthday

The two birthday kids!

Eli enjoying some of the snow that we got.