Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Well, we have had a very busy month. I am now at the end of my Spring Break and have realized how ready I am for summer vacation. We are almost there. We have had a lot of changes since the twins birthday. They have moved to big boy beds succesfully. We do have issues with them wanting to play all through nap time but we are working our way through it. They stay in bed though and do well at night time. They are talking so much more and just seem to be getting bigger and bigger. They LOVE playing outside. We got to have a week just with them when Eli went to Disney World with Grandma and Grandpa Block. We enjoyed the time as they enjoyed all the attention. However we heard a lot of questions about where Eli was and when was he going to be home.

Eli had a great time in Disney World. Every day he is telling us something else that he did. He really did love everything. He also enjoyed swimming, which he was not too sure about it at first. But after getting used to it he loved going under and swimming. He loved Goofy and the race car ride. He really liked the Lion King show and I still here him singing the songs from the play here and there. He got to go to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. He was exhausted when he got home but keeps on talking about it.

Grandpa and Eli inside a shark from Finding Nemo
Eli with Goofy.

Eli in the pirates exhibit

At the pool with grandpa.

Grandma and Eyeore

This weekend was very enjoyable. The weather has been amazing so we have been outside a lot. We did two easter egg hunts along with a big easter lunch. the boys loved it.

Great Grandpa Dixon with all the grandkids.

The boys flying a kite.

Getting ready for an easter egg hunt and cousin McKenzie's new house, just around the pond from our house.

The boys on easter morning.