Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where have we been?????

So sorry the blog has been left alone for so long!! Our life is very hectic these days. I am back to work and we are all getting used to getting back into the routine. Josh and I are doing well. Getting ready to go to the home opener of the Colts. We have enjoyed friends weddings, trips to visit grandparents, and trying to keep up with the boys. We have not had a free weekend in 2 months and now I do not see a free one for another month.

The boys are doing great. Eli is continuing to sprout up. He enjoyed playing T-ball and now soccer. It is so fun to watch him learn everything. He is also no longer at the same babysitter as the twins. He is going to a preschool which he loves. The teacher stated that she would love to have a class full of Eli's. Every day he is doing something new and interesting. I can't believe how fast he can learn different things. I did make me a little sad just realizing one more year and he is off to school. I can not believe it!

The twins are very busy keeping us on our toes. They are huge!! They are wearing clothes that Eli was just in. They enjoy anything out doors, riding their tricycles, playing catch, running anywere, and swimming. They were little fish this year. I would be playing with them and they would just fling themselves underwater and stay there until it freaked me out and I would yell at them to get up. They would wrestle in the pool and pin each other under water. It was quite tramatic for me.

Over all we had an awesome summer and are enjoying a lot of dry weather here in Indy. We are outside non-stop which means a lot of baths for us. I am going to attach pictures from random activities and my goal is to update every other week, trying to get back into my schedule.

Eli out on the field. T-ball was a great experience. He really did well hitting. Fielding was a lot of standing around and then a heard chasing a ball.
The twins enjoying some pool time on vacation.

The boys on Grandpas boat. They really enjoyed themselves and even went tubing.

The twins at the motorcycle race.

I just love this picture, they all look so old. Stay tuned for more pictures!


Lindsey said...

Hey there! just found you on fb and saw you had a blog :). so glad we have gotten to know each other and our families! let us know if you need anything!


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